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Whether you need assistance in Site Acquisition, Project Development or Project Management – or all three – leave the heavy-lifting to us, so you can focus on running and managing your portfolio. Contact us today and get ahead of your competition with confidence.


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Land Acquisition Map

BOW Renewables works directly with prospective land owners to determine and execute any and all “moving parts” to get the land ready for solar installation. We conduct preliminary research, complete all constraints mapping and evaluate interconnection suitability. Above all, we systematically identify and investigate any environmental and geographic impacts. BOW also ensures potential leases are the best fit for your needs, and coordinate with design, zoning and construction management teams.

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Entering into the world of clean, renewable solar energy comes with its own set of guidelines and checklists. These crucial steps are needed for the best possible solar solution, and our Project Development team takes care of all the details. We serve as the liaison between engineers, system designers and installers, and identify opportunities to reduce costs and minimize risks. All while helping to establish realistic goals and plans, and managing the entire public permitting process prior to Notice to Proceed (NTB).

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Project Management

Getting “boots on the ground” for your project is one thing. Keeping those boots moving is another. BOW Renewables Project Management maximizes the efficiency of your project by coordinating contractors, materials and processes. Juggling installers, technicians and vendors is a delicate balancing act, and our Project Management team is well-versed in every aspect. In the end, we’re responsible for the quality and efficacy of the work, and we stop at nothing to get the job done right, the first time.

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